Long Term Ubiquiti - airFiber 5XHD LTU - performance test

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Long Term Ubiquiti - airFiber 5XHD LTU - performance test

Post autor: Lukas » 16 paź 2018, 12:27

As you probably know, in 2018 Ubiquiti Networks presented with great impetus the latest work based on the pioneering LTU protocol.

airFiber5XHD - because this is the name of this new product - is the successor to the very popular device called airFiber 5X, but in comparison to its predecessor, it has much greater possibilities:
  • 1024QAM modulation in the whole 5GHz band (up to 4096QAM in subsequent software versions)
  • extended frequency range from 4800MHz to 6200MHz for licensed applications
  • Bluetooth for easier configuration from smartphones
  • Performance up to 1+Gbps and computing power up to 2,000,000 packets per second
  • added channel widths: 60/80 and 100MHz
  • Active Live airView without breaking the radio link
  • double PoE IN port
    Of course we checked the device how it works in the field angel

    We have set up a link on 1.5 km on 5500 channel at 50MHz width with -59dBm signal.
    LTU map.jpg
    LTU map.jpg (468.32 KiB) Przejrzano 17795 razy
    We tested the link using the built-in Speedtest tool from Ubiquiti as well as Mikrotik Btest, both in TCP and UDP protocols.

    Here are some examples of our results:

    Ubiquiti Speedtest Receive
    LTU ubi receive1.jpg
    LTU ubi receive1.jpg (205.3 KiB) Przejrzano 17795 razy

    Mikrotik Btest TCP send
    LTU mt send1.jpg
    LTU mt send1.jpg (213.74 KiB) Przejrzano 17795 razy

    The entire AF-5XHD test and all results can be found here --->> https://www.anteny24.com/long-term-ubiq ... -5xhd-ltu2

    Check our testing on our Youtube channel --->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF8hHC7tLfU&t